Lambros Quality Products

Chris & Deidre visiting the processing plant.


For many years we toyed with the idea of importing olive oil from our brother in laws olive grove in Vounaria, Kalamata, Greece, with the passing of our sister/sister in law Deidre we decided to follow our dream.  Lambros Quality Products Canada was established in memory of Deidre for her love of her husband  Chris, her two sons Philip and Matthew and for her love of Greece.

Chris and Deidre sold the oil throughout Scotland and Northern England for the last 20 years, selling at local markets, restaurants and delis.  The most famous customer being actress Emma Thompson.    Chris continues to sell

the oil.

In September 2013, we registered our business and later that year received our first batch of olive oil.  The olive oil was tested and a nutritional label obtained and we were on our way.  Our first trade show was a huge success which has continued to this day.

The Olive Oil is first cold pressed, unrefined and from a single estate

Extra Virgin Olive Oil -  a true taste of Greece.