Lambros Quality Products

Vounaria is 266 km from Athens and has a population of 226 residents, engaged in traditional agriculture crops, production of

oil, raisins, and tourism.

Lebessis Family Estate

The History

During the 1750's 3 brothers were forced to leave their home in Central Greece, to save their sister from the local Turkish Pasha's harem.  One brother headed for the Aegean Islands, the other west to the Ionian Islands.  The eldest Lambros went south with the sister.  They settled in Vounaria, changed his name to Lebessis, married a local girl and with the dowry, bought olive groves.  A combination of rich soil, natural farming methods and hard work resulted in good yields of high quality extra virgin olive oil.  Growers and producers such as the Lebessis family have helped the Kalamata region achieve a reputation for some of the highest quality olive oil in Greece.  For over 250 years the family has maintained and built on the tradition of quality and purity.